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WJMS Testimonials

WJMS Radio has proudly supported me as an independent artist.  I am so thankful to WJMS Radio for sharing my music with so many listeners.  This radio station takes pride in music that uplifts our communities and encourages our children.  As a former school teacher, I certainly value that.  WJMS radio strives to not only entertain listeners, but to educate people about issues that are connected to their lives and personal experiences.  I have been tremendously blessed by the opportunity that this radio station has given me.  I love that independent artists are sought after and given the airplay that they need.

  • Marvetta Holland - Independent Recording Artist

When I was a guest on your show, SoundOff, for my first book Bitter, I was new to interviews. You made the interview feel like a conversation between two friends. You threw great questions at me. You had insightful points and made me dig deeper with my answers. I'd gladly go on any radio station you hosted! Thanks again for the love!

  • Vick Breedy - Author: Bitter Series

PUBLISHED PROJECT has received growth since being featured on WJMS Radio and SoundOff. The station's unique audience has greatly contributed to the interest of this philanthropy project and its global mission.  Jaymie, I cannot thank you enough for your coverage of PUBLISHED PROJECT. Thank you!  

  • Mary Winkenwerder - Founder: PUBLISHED PROJECT and ULTIMATE REPORT

WJMS is the perfect outlet to relay information in the community. Jaymie and her team are building an excellent platform. I have had the pleasure of being a guest on her show and it was an very positive for my brand, the feedback was amazing. This is a platform that the community can and should get behind.

  • Kirk Wardy - Founder: The LaRue Group and the Chef Series Experience

Taking part in SoundOff on WJMS Radio was an awesome experience. I loved that Jams was well prepared for the show and equipped with specific examples from my book. It made for great conversation and added a personal element, which I think is what listeners actually connect to. It's always comforting when you feel that an interviewer is well acquainted with your work and brand. The great thing about SoundOff is that it doesn't shy away from real and relevant topics and it creates a platform for discussions that will move the culture forward. Looking forward to see what continues to be produced.

  • Ashley Coleman - Author and Writing Coach

WJMS / Sound off was an excellent platform for me to showcase my talent as a new writer. I'm grateful for the opportunity from Ms. Jaymie Bowles, who was an excellent host and displayed pure professionalism with a touch of humor, during our interview. Huge props to the show and wishing much success.

  • Cornell Richards - Author

It was a complete honor to have had the opportunity to share my story on WJMS. It was a surreal experience that I never imagined I'd have and the station made it really easy for my friends in the U.S.A and Uganda listen in; having my friends tune in meant so much to me. The interview felt so much like a conversation so I felt free to be myself, make jokes, and laugh as I talked about my education and career paths. WJMS is a great station! Tune in to hear the stories from various backgrounds and share in a laugh or two. 

  • Korinne Dennis - Former employee of the Philadelphia Eagles

What an awesome time I had with Jaymie!  We talked as if we knew each other for years!  We touched on my current book and a few social topics such as mental health in the church and community mental health outreach.  It was definitely a talk show where I felt comfortable and free to share my thoughts with the world.  Jaymie is such an awesome host and I can't wait to come back on the show!

  • Teresa Howell - Author 

"First, let me say that I was truly honored to be featured as a guest on the WJMS radio show this past New Years Eve. The taping was live, so I was super nervous at first. But the host quickly eased all of my worries, and it didn't take long before I felt like I was just having a fun and easy conversation with one of my girlfriends. The two hours flew by because I was truly enjoying myself and that is how I knew it was a great interview experience. I was allowed to be myself, which I always appreciate. WJMS is a wonderful media outlet, and they do a great job with featuring talent. Looking for a fun radio show, whether you are a listener or a guest? Tune into WJMS radio, you won't be sorry. Take it from a satisfied guest / listener."

  • Jessyca Vample - Author: The College Life Series

Being apart of WJMS Radio Station is truly a big blessing to be and for me. I simply want my message to be heard without putting so much limelight on me. I love the fact that not only am I contributing to the community with a positive message but also being sponsored and represented by a strong radio station that puts positive and loving vibes out into our community, opposing what the youth hears on a regular basis. Not only do I love the radio station and what it's about I also love the fact that it's a family vibe with the team that runs the radio station. Everything is done in love and to elevate our youth and community. I can not be more blessed to be a part of that and allow my message to be heard. Thank you for all you've done for me.

  • King Will - Spoken Word Artist

My experience with SoundOff on WJMS Radio and Jaymie Bowles as the Host was a positive one. The 2 hour interview went faster than I thought it would. It was great speaking about the growth of my Acting and Modeling Journey for the first hour. For the 2ND half of the show Bullying and Cyberbullying was the subject matter. Wich I had been wanting to speak publicly about for a long time. Thanks to Jaymie at WJMS Radio for giving me the opportunity to have a voice.

  • Robert Shearn III - Actor and Model

Being interviewed by Jaymie for WJMS Radio had to have been my favorite interview!  I felt she was truly interested in me and my product and not just reading from scripted questions. Although it was a 2 hour interview, the time flew by because it was like talking to a friend who was truly engaged in what i had to say. The best part of the interview was the second half when we talked about things not having anything to do with my business and she was genuinely curious about my views on a subject that was and still is very topical.  Jaymie made me feel comfortable and was quick to jump in if she felt I was struggling and made the entire interview a pleasant process and not a dreaded affair.  I can only hope all my interviews in the future are as comfortable and engaging as the one we had together.  It was an honor and I hope to be able to speak with Jaymie and WJMS Radio again in the future.

  • Chanell Surratt - CEO C. Surratt Aprons

I had an absolute blast participating in my on-air interview with Jaymie Bowles on WJMS. She knew exactly how to make me feel at ease and comfortable to be an open book during our interview.

She kept the interview both fun and poignant. It was a great experience!

  • Kevin Carr - Author and Relationship Coach

WJMS has been a great support to our Organization Mentoring For Success. When I first mentioned to Jaymie that I had a non-profit organization and explained to her what my mission statement was it was like a no-brainer for her. Automatically she took to it, and was eager to help us promote it. Jaymie has a heart for the community, to see it prosper in every area. We are so thankful for WJMS, they have supported a few of our major events, and we are grateful. WJMS has definitely been a Blessing on Air and Off Air. 

Mentoring For Success will be forever grateful for the station and will always continue to be there number one listener. 

We love WJMS !

  • John and Eboni Stewart - Mentoring for Success

I can say that Jaymie has really grown since I first met her at WURD Radio. I enjoy her charisma and attention to detail. I had the pleasure of appearing on the Show to share my thoughts on some social justice issues, such as police brutality on youth and racism. Both issues which I'm passionate about eradicating, however Jaymie gave me the platform to share my thoughts and have a genuine conversation about the issues. This young woman will continue to get better with time and I can not wait to see what is next for her to conquer. May you forever be Blessed.  #MuLawSpeaks 

  • Mubarak  I.M Lawrence  @Mu_Law (twitter/ Instagram ) 

I had the opportunity to do an internship over the summer of 2021 and I had a great experience. I got to learn so much about the ins and outs of a radio station, got hands on marketing experience and got to learn first hand from a marketing expert in Angela. The work for the station was super fulfilling. I was doing stuff that actually helped the station. Jaymie and Angela are super lovely to work with. They are both super kind, easy to work with, and super flexible. I am grateful to have spent my summer interning at WJMS.

Thank you again for this opportunity!

  • Jackson McDonough - Marketing Intern Summer 2021

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What an exceptional opportunity to share my story and highlight the benefits of seeking coaching support! SoundOff provided a platform to have an open dialogue about issues that teen's and young adults face that affect their ability to achieve success. The show and radio station highlights the possibilitites of achieving  greatness through music, spoken word, advocacy,  and powerful programming. I can relax and listen to music in my downtime or turn on WJMS and have an impromptu house party. It was my pleasure to be a part of SoundOff and I look forward to being on the show again! 

  • Danielle Boose - Author and Coach

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