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"According to R.P." is nothing but straight talk. Listen in as Ritha discusses everything from the latest hip-hop beefs to social issues that are crippling the black community.

View the world through the lens of a "30 something" year old black woman. This show is full of candor and wit while tackling some of the most puzzling questions of our time such as, who shot Tupac? Why do successful black men date white women? Is gentrification really a bad thing? etc.

The "30 something" year olds are caught in an interesting dilemma. Although we are technically millennials, our actions and thought process indicate otherwise. Our perspectives are raw and real. We talk it straight with no chaser. So if you are looking to be enlightened while having a good laugh, tune in to According to R.P. the voice of the "weird" generation.

According to RP has all the answers we never knew we were looking for! 

According to rp
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