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Introducing.... WJMS Media #media Reimagined

The Mission...

Bringing a message of empowerment and strength, WJMS Media is the expansion of WJMS Radio. The idea being, Radio is not enough to capture the impact we are making across genres. We are bringing curated video content, yearly fundraisers and events, monetized and targeted podcasts, health and wellness initiatives centered around raising awareness for cancers and other community issues and making sure we are continuing to be a voice for the people. 

The Vision...

Our vision is to focus on positive news, things happening behind the scenes in communities and local men and women who are making a difference. Our video and podcast channels bring an energy of forward-looking, status-quo challenging sounds and views not heard in one place before. Our Talk channels are provocative, informative, motivational and action oriented while still providing relevant content and discussions on all genres of information. Our health focus centers around our CEO, Jams, who is actively battling lung cancer, her journey and shining a light on others like her! Our tag line: Media Reimagined, means that WJMS will look to be a trendsetter in the industry by spotlighting and showcasing the forgotten and ignored. On our platform, we seek to do things differently, whether its in presentation, content, or strategy.

How Can You Get Involved? 

We are always looking for people who share our vision. If that is you, you can connect with us via Patreon and subscribe to get exclusive content and extra goodies. You can subscribe to any of our shows and content via our social media pages. Remember, sharing is caring. Guests are always welcome for our content! We are available via email and phone and we welcome and any all feedback! 

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