Introducing.... WJMS Radio. Radio ReImagined... 

Our Focus... 

Our spotlight is on individuals, businesses, organizations and others who are committed to youth success and those who are making waves behind the scenes in whatever field they may be in.  We address current events and topics in an objective manner to allow for individuals to come to their own conclusions. WJMS covers all major segments of news, entertainment and events, just consider us a central location for all things youth related and community engagement.

Our Purpose... 

WJMS Radio is our attempt to combat the over-saturation of negativity in the media, we are dedicated to youth, community relations across America and positivity. We want to show the brighter side of the world. 

We still bring you relevant, up-to-date content and current events, but by and large our overarching purpose will be to put heavier focus on the good that is happening in our communities.

What Others Have to Say About Us

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Where / When Can You Listen?

Good news, we broadcast 24/7! You can stream the station right from our website, or download the TuneIn app, search for WJMS and listen from there!

We have good music playing around the clock! Tune in all day to hear good quality music. WJMS is a no-ratchet zone so we are workplace and family friendly!

We also have live programming and talk shows regularly. Check out our shows and programming
here. All of our content is guaranteed to spark some discussion!

Get Involved...

We are always looking for hosts, interns, artists, sponsors and advertisers! If you are or know anyone who would be interested in joining our movement, please reach out to us at

We also welcome guests on our weekly programming! Please reach out to the hosts with any inquiries via their show pages.