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Jaymie Bowles ( Jams) was born in Boston and raised in Brockton, MA. She graduated from Arcadia University in Glenside, PA with her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in 2008. She went on to get certified in broadcasting from The Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2012. Her love of radio and music began at a young age making mixtapes off her boom-box of her favorite songs. She founded WJMS Radio in Dec 2015, and it has now expanded to WJMS Media. 

Jaymie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in December of 2018 despite being an active, and healthy non-smoker. Diagnosis aside, she continues to work a full time job and run the operations of WJMS Media while also hosting SoundOff. She works out regularly as a way to actively fight for her life. As fate would have it, WJMS now provides her a platform to bring awareness to her cause, and others, while inspiring those around her to keep moving forward. Additionally, through her involvement with several Lung Cancer organizations, she shares her story with the world to help erase the stigma that lung cancer is a "smoker's disease". Her motto: I may have cancer, but cancer does NOT have me.  

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