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Lung Cancer Awareness and other Health Initiatives

Jaymie aka Ms CEO is very vocal and transparent about her lung cancer diagnosis and journey. We encourage everyone to share their journey with us. With WJMS as a platform, we will bring awareness to Lung Cancer, Diabetes, Kidney Disease and more. 

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Jaymie's Story

Jaymie was diagnosed with Stage 4 ALK+ Lung Cancer in December of 2018 despite being an active, and healthy non-smoker. Diagnosis aside, she continues to work a full time job and run the operations of WJMS Radio while hosting 2 shows. She is working out as much as she can and actively fighting for her life.

As fate would have it, WJMS now provides her a platform to bring awareness to her cause, and others, while inspiring those around her to keep moving forward. Additionally, through her involvement with LCRF, LUNGevity and other organizations, she shares her story with the world to help erase the stigma that lung cancer is a "smoker's disease". Her motto: I may have cancer, but cancer does NOT have me.  


Upcoming Advocacy


Join us from April 25-27th in Atlanta, GA for the Inaugural African American Lung Cancer Patient and Caregiver Summit!

This 3 day event is curated especially with veterans and African American Lung Cancer patients in mind!

Our hope is to bring needed resources to both of these groups of individuals to help them Heal, Educate, Advocate and Learn!

here and a representative from the HEAL Collaborative will be in touch!

For more information on the event including agenda, travel details and more please visit and click on Events!

Resources to Help

Heal Collaborative

For more information on how to get local churches involved in spreading awareness.

ACS - Cancer Action Network

For more information on how to affect change via policy and lobby efforts!

Using media outlets to spread awareness on Lung Cancer initiatives

LUNGevity Foundation


For more information on Lung Cancer and how to get involved 


For more information on Comprehensive Biomarker Testing and why its IMPORTANT!

Lung Cancer Research Foundation


For more information on Lung Cancer and how to get involved 


Donate to or join Team Jams or create your own team! 

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