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Over the last 6 years, WJMS Radio experienced ups, downs, and everything in between while we navigated our platform. And now, we have evolved "from" a radio station rather than evolving "to" our next phase. That means, we are bringing our history and expertise with us as we move forward, rather than starting over.

Our expansion to a media company allows us the freedom and flexibility to pivot with the times as new and exciting opportunities emerge. And this is what helps us offer you the sound advice needed to create the brand, platform and/or show to best reflect your vision. 

With that knowledge and experience in mind, we are pleased to now offer consulting services for your brand and platform. We have been consistent, and strategic in our endeavors and it has afforded us immeasurable insider knowledge on what it takes to rebrand, launch a podcast, and create media outlets. Now we want to share that

experience with YOU. 

We charge an hourly rate, and schedule meetings and appointments when convenient for YOU. Please fill out the form to the right for more information on our services.

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