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Was the album hot or not? Check out our reviews of the top new releases below and see what your peers think! 

Jay Rock - Redemption (2018)

Back in June, Jay Rock released his 4th album, Redemption. It was a mixed array of songs and moods varying from hit singles like King’s Dead to catchy RnB songs like Tap Out. One of the things that I appreciated about the album was how Jay Rock showed his versatility on the mic with songs such as OSOM featuring J Cole. The song talks about dealing with the everyday struggles of conflicts of finances and the kill or be killed mentality that many live by. The hook, “Out of mind, out of sight/Out of mind, livin’ life/ Like I’m runnin’ out of time,” shows a vulnerability that Jay Rock has that might not of been seen before had he only provided hits like King’s Dead, which was also amazing. I think the album is kind of a coming out to the world about how good he really is for Jay Rock, and that we should be on alert for his future projects. What did you guys think about the album? Let us know!

Juice WRLD - Goodbye and Good Riddance (2018)
Goodbye & Good Riddance.jpg

Juice WRLD’s debut album, Goodbye and Good Riddance, is one of my favorite albums of the year to listen to whenever i’m down in my feelings. As always, the vibe that I got from it at first was one of a heartbroken lover who is moving on from his past relationship. The vibe stuck throughout the album and didn’t change as the album progressed, which shows Juice as a one dimensional rapper who can make a catchy hook and sing, but doesn’t have potent lyrical abilities. As shown in his many freestyles on radio shows, this isn’t true as his freestyles are amazing and show a whole other side of Juice that I would of loved to of seen on the album, since he’s so talented. All Girls Are The Same and Lucid Dreams both had catchy hooks and reminded me of Lil Uzi Vert’s sound and feeling with XO Tour Life. I love this album, but would of liked to of seen more dimensions of Juice WRLD as all of the songs had the same kind of melodic flow and catchy hook formula, which can get old on a 16 track album (with 2 skits). What did you guys think about the album? Let us know!

Mack Wildz - After Hours (2017)

As I continue my search, I stumbled upon an album that was getting praise on none other than TDE's Top Dawg Instagram page. Me being TDE's biggest fan I had to check it out for myself. The project is called "After Hours" and trust me it definitely goes with the title of the album. The start of the album is good. It definitely is one of the albums that you have to pick and choose what songs you like. Me personally, I like half the album. I'm sure the more I listen to it, the more it'll grow on me. I'm very half and half on this project. My advice would be to take a listen and see what you like for yourself. 

Rise Against - Wolves (2017)

These days you don't hear too much about rock bands that are talking about something with a purpose. The thing I love about Rise Against is their topics and the energy they bring to them. They recently released an album called "Wolves" and they didn't disappoint me at all. The album is full topics pertaining to the government, America, and the everyday struggles that go on. The whole album is very fast paced and "in your face". You can feel the emotion of every song. Rise Against is one of those bands that only get better with time and I can't wait to see what else they bring to the music world. 

Gucci Mane - DropTopWop (2017)

Ok I'll admit, even though I love songs that have a deeper meaning there are times I want to just tap into my inner trapper. Since Gucci Mane got out of prison, he's been dropping projects left and right. His newest project "Droptopwop" which was mostly produced by Metro Boomin will easily blow the speakers in your car out. If I had to pick my favorite song on this project, it would definitely have to be "hurt a n***a feelings". If you're a Gucci fan then you'll definitely appreciate this album. And to my deep thinkers out there, if you just wanna let loose and turn up you'll like this album.

Jacob Banks - The Boy Who Cried Freedom (2017)

These days finding good music is hard for a person that doesn't look for it. As a person that "goes out and gets the food vs. someone who gets fed" I stumbled across an artist that sparked my interest. Jacob Banks is an R&B artist that caught my ear while having YouTube on autoplay. The song I heard that made me look him up was "Mercy". I liked the song so much I just had to find more. His album " The Boy Who Cried Freedom" is good album but nothing really stood out to me besides the first song I've heard. Maybe I have listen again and it'll grow on me. There were plenty of albums that I used to not enjoy that I can't get enough of now. I do look forward to see what the future has in store for him though. 

Jimi Tents' - I Cant Go Home (2017)

As a big fan of underground and non-mainstream music I'm always searching for new artists to fill my already full Apple Music subscription. Jimi Tents is an artist I stumbled upon while searching the XXL freshman entries and I'm glad I did. With the recent release of his third known project to me it's a mystery why this artist isn't gaining more attention. The "I can't go home LP" grabbed my ear the moment the first song started. It has a unique sound and smooth vibe that will keep you wanting more. From start to finish I can honestly say there isn't a song on this project I didn't like. In a world of mumble rap and trap music that's pretty rare in my eyes. I can't wait to see what else this artist has in store for the future. 

Kendrick Lamar - DAMN (2017)

After the release of the Heart pt. 4 Kendrick blessed us with yet another album to take in and cherish. The album definitely starts off with strong lyrics and great beats that would take anyone out their seat. The album takes you on a journey of different vibes and feelings that can get you through any emotional experience that may come with your day. I'll be honest, I haven't really fully grasped the full concept of the album. In my eyes it wouldn't be a great album if I could break it down in the first listen. Every time I listen to the album I find something new and intriguing. I look forward to finding more hidden concepts and bars that I have yet to find.

Ta'East- Okay I'm Ready (2017)

While doing my daily Internet rounds searching for new music I came across a song that really sparked my interest. So me being the person I am, I had to look into who this person and find more music from them. So here's my album review for Ta' East new album "Okay, I'm ready". The album starts off pretty regular with a nice beat and a catchy hook. This was the song that grabbed my attention. Little did I know that there was more in store. The beats on this album knock and having a dark feeling. Every song besides the first one has this feeling. I'll admit the beats definitely grabbed my attention on this album. They kind of give you that Kanye west - freestyle 4 feeling. I was really surprised about this album and I look forward to seeing this artist grow in the future. 

Ab-Soul - DWTW (Do What Thou Wilt)(2016)

After two years, TDE rapper Ab-Soul has finally released his third album Do What Thou Wilt. DWTW is definitely a step up from Ab-Soul's last project These Days in my opinion. The album throws topics that make you question the government, how men treat women, and even the Bible. To be honest, when they first revealed this albums release date I wasn't too excited but after listening to the two songs he released prior to the release I couldn't help but want more. 


DWTW is one of those albums you'll have to listen to couple times before you really get a complete sense of what it's about. With clever metaphors, and dope beats this album will keep you entertained from start to finish. 

SiR - HER (2016)

With all the albums that released in 2016 the EP called "HER" by SiR arguably has to be one of my favorites. I find myself wondering "why is there only six tracks?". When I first listened to it I was instantly hooked to every song on the album. This album takes you through a variety of feelings about love which in this day and age is pretty rare. R&B is definitely making a silent but deadly comeback. Listening to album will have you thinking about her for sure even if you don't have a her to think about. 

Little Simz - Stillness in Wonderland(2016)

December has released more albums than I can listen to within the month, but one album that caught my eyes was from UK's rising female MC Little Simz. Even since I can remember, Simz has been dropping jewels, and her new album "Stillness in Wonderland" is a definite jewel to acknowledge. This album's story takes you into the mind of little Simz as if she was wandering through wonderland. Some notable features include Chronixx, writer/singer behind Rihanna's BBHMM Bibi Bourelly, odd future member Syd, SiR, UK artists Chip and Ghetts, and space age's own Tilla, Josh Acre, and Chuck20. With a mixture of dope lyrics, great beats, and a story to tell you'll definitely enjoy this journey through wonderful. 

Kid Cudi - Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin' (2016)

Kid cudi's passion, pain, & demon slayin' is anything but ordinary when it comes to the different feeling it gives you. With features such as Andre Benjamin a.k.a. Andre 3000, Travis Scott, Willow Smith, and Pharrell Williams the album gives a very reminiscent feeling of man on the moon 2. After Cudi's mental breakdown, we thought maybe this album was gonna be filled with really dark and ominous songs but it's actually quite the opposite. A lot of the songs are actually uplifting. This album will definitely take you on a journey through a variety of feelings. It's good to see Cudi swaying back to his old ways. 

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