The Come Up

The Come Up is an LGBTQ centered podcast hosted by Nik Whitcomb where he is joined by a BIG personality each weekas they discuss the biggest stories and hottest topics of the week. Nik also interviews working artists around the country about what they do and how they  plan to change the world with it. 

Nik Whitcomb is a host, artist, content creator, and emerging thought leader born and raised in Omaha, NE. The bulk of Nik's work has been in the world of entertainment and he was recently named a "Theatre Worker You Should Know" by American Theatre Magazine.

Nik is the creator and host of the new online multi-platform talk show "THE COME UP with Nik Whitcomb" which provides a unique opportunity for the audience to spend quality time with working artists. Through stories of trial, success, pain, and victory viewers get a chance to hear how artistic work is fueled by the conversations happening in the world and meet artists, humans, and world changers.

Nik has had a successful career as an actor, director, educator, and administrator at a number of major theatrical institutions around the country and has been able to mix and mingle with the best and brightest. He now uses his natural gift of gab and philosophical worldview to engage in authentic conversations and investigate solutions to issues plaguing our society. Nik's natural charisma, honest approach, and willingness to ask the tough questions with a smile has made him a leader and rising voice for positive change.


The Come up

Tuesdays at  1:00 pm EST


Tuesdays at 1:00pm

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