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Host: chetachi egwu

Dr. Chetachi (Tachi) Egwu is media professor, social media consultant, podcaster, filmmaker and journalist. She has fully jumped into the live streaming revolution as the host of MediaScope on the streaming platforms Periscope and Facebook Live, Instagram Live and on Snapchat. She is aslo one half of the creative team behind the TV Channeling podcast. Tachi's work has been featured in various types of publications such as The Grio, and she is a contributor/media producer for The Burton Wire. An avid filmmaker, she co-produced and co-directed the documentaries Runway Afrique and No Justice, No Peas: Getting A Veggie In The Hood, and co-producer, director and cinematographer for the documentary Sunshine Chic.

Produced by: mc Curtis Brooks


media scope
wednesdays at 6 pm

All things media, tech and pop culture!

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