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Michelle Mota, AKA “La Mamota” was born and raised in Brooklyn. Being the oldest of three always instilled a sense of leadership in Michelle. As a Latina woman, she knew she needed to make a positive impact in today’s world. Michelle has identified herself as a decision maker, who is conscientious of the ethnic challenges society has to face & embrace, as well as so many issues that we are ALL faced with day to day, especially being a woman. Michelle profoundly desires to identify the needs of her audience/listeners, whether your male or female, we have all been impacted by something called LIFE! 

As one of the host of WJMS Radio, Michelle has dedicated herself to introduce the platform for Latinos, and every listener to call Home, where we can all come together as ONE, and where we can conjoin to make a better tomorrow. 

L S & C
Sundays at 3pm & 3:30 pm

Issues within the Latino community, new Spanish music, and more! 

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